Each academy pays a contribution of 5% from their General Annual Grant. This enables the Trust to provide core services which:

· are required to enable the Trust and each individual school to fulfil its statutory and other duties

· provide immediate and ongoing school improvement support to each school

· are required to ensure appropriate responsibility to the DfE, Local Authority (which still carries statutory responsibility for education outcomes for children and young people residing in Kent), the Charity Commission and other relevant bodies

The Trust provides the following benefits:

Finance and Business Services

· An initial finance set-up to ensure compliance with statutory requirements

· Ensuring academies remain focused on educational priorities by supporting all financial and business support functions

· Central finance function including accounting returns to the Charity Commission and Education Funding Agency, VAT accounting and recoupment, annual external Audit of Accounts (mandatory), Accounting Officer (responsible to Parliament), monitoring of accounts

· Budget preparation and management support

· Support and training relating to accounting software

· Ensure compliance to the Academies Handbook and Accounts Direction

In addition, the Trust offers the following support:

Quality Assurance for school effectiveness

At least 6 visits per year with an attached consultant

Securing improvement resources and training from a wide range of providers

Data analysis, target setting and pupil progress reviews

Triangulation of evidence, demonstrating impact

Headteacher appraisal

Premises and Insurance

Support to manage projects, bids or capital development

Emergency support e.g. building damage or dealing with the media

A comprehensive risk management tool

Common Infrastructure Services

This exists to ensure best value as well as consistent reporting. It is important that all academies within the Trust use common infrastructure services so that specific external services and internal management systems are standardised.

The Trust will procure and charge for the following (including licences where appropriate):

- Corero (Civica) Finance package

- HR Admin and Payroll (Capita)

- HR Advice/Consultancy through Schools’ Personnel Service

- Management Information System including assessment and tracking (SIMS)

Other services required by an academy can be commissioned by the individual academy in line with devolved responsibilities, which are described in the Scheme of Delegation. The Trust will also ensure that academies are able to take advantage of its ‘buying power’ by providing access to additional services where it has already undertaken due diligence, e.g. IT and recruitment specialists.

The Trust also provides:

§ Opportunities to access coaching for leadership and other training

§ Training for Local Governing Bodies

§ Model statutory policies and guidance/principles for others

§ The opportunity to commission pedagogical action research projects through Canterbury Christ Church University and participate in post-graduate courses

§ School to school support

§ A bespoke data management system

§ Opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the school SIMS system

 The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust Contribution Benefits Please click to download Contribution Benefits Updated January 2019

The DBE Core Services Agreement remains in place, payable separately to the Board of Education.

 Services for Trust Academies



Core Central Services

(provided from Academy Contribution)

Mandatory Services

(Purchased by Trust and recharged to Academy)

Services not yet provided by the Trust

(Purchased by Academy directly)

1.      All Accountants, compliance and Audit work

2.      Up to 12 school improvement visits pa, including Head Teacher PM and SIAMs

3.      Unlimited finance, business, estates and governance  support

4.      Trust policies and handbooks

5.      Governor support, induction, meetings, quality assurance, training etc.

6.      Support for Head Teacher / DHT recruitment

7.      Advice on recruitment, retention and succession planning

8.      Regular HT/CoG/SBM/Premises/ Subject leader / SENCo Forums

9.      Management of Capital project bids

10.  Leadership Training

11.  CPD at all levels – including face to face and on-line

12.  Pre-Ofsted support

13.  Statutory facilities management

14.  Achievement for All

15.  Strategic training on SIMs

16.  Parent and pupil surveys and analysis

17.  Robust self-review and SEF support (year 1)

18.  Supervision for Headteachers and other key staff

19.  Coaching into Appraisal training and support

20.  MyConcern software

21.  IRISConnect

22.  NFER tests in reading, GPS and maths for Ys 1,2,3,4,5

23.  Peer review programme and school to school support – including improvement coach training and support

24.  Annual Aquila conference for all teachers & TAs

25.  Educational psychologist days for pupil assessment

26.  HR admin

1.      HR and H&S Consultancy

2.      Payroll

3.      ICT hosting for SIMS/Resource

4.      Buildings, public and employer’s liability insurance (through RPA)

5.      Risk Management Software Licence

6.      Finance Software Annual Support Licence

7.      Budget Planning Software Annual Support Licence

8.      Capita SIMS Annual Entitlement Licence

9.      Annual Support Licence through Capita or EIS


Church schools will need to pay the contribution to the Diocese separately. This covers some SIAMs and RE Support, HT Well Being days, some advice on land and buildings.


Statutory Assessment Moderation is still held by  KCC – who charge for this.

1.      Insurance (Staff sickness, maternity, vehicles and specialist plant)

2.      ICT Hardware and equipment

3.      Targeted CPD and school improvement programmes

4.      Cleaning/Caretaking

5.      Grounds Maintenance

6.      Catering

7.      School Website

8.      Broadband

9.      Supply Cover

10.  Library Service

11.  Extra school improvement, consultancy or training


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