Local Governing Bodies


Each of our academies is served by a hard working group of volunteers known as the Local Governing Body. Without these volunteers our Academies would not be the success they are. They provide the aspiration, challenge and vision as part of the senior leadership team which drives the developments and improvements of each Academy which ultimately means the best possible outcomes for the children of that community.


We recognise that no two academies are the same and that reflects the priorities for each Local Body. That said, the Multi Academy Trust must ensure an overview and hold ultimate responsibility and hold Academies and their leaders accountable where necessary and so we have developed an approach that provides autonomy at local level but with a regular feedback loop of information.


An Aquila Local Governing Body is one that has a clear idea of its vision, supportive of its leaders but uncompromising in the delivery of high standards and recognises what can be achieved when we work together.

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