The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust is looking for great schools to join its family!

We believe that becoming an academy within our Trust can truly unlock potential through the close working family relationships that we have developed.We are aware of the changing political landscape and the importance that strong partnership arrangements can have in developing schools, ensuring financial economies of scale and securing the best possible education for the children in our care.

First question you may ask is why?

Why should my school join Aquila?

The Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust…….

· has a proven track record in School Improvement.

· has gone through the long process of setting up a MAT from the ground up.

· has vast experience of the academy conversion process.

· has built relationships and a reputation with the DFE, RSC, Teaching schools and Universities.

· has a local, regional and national outlook.

· has the benefit of economies of scale in procurement of goods and services.

· has an experience small professional central team that care.

If you'd like to discuss becoming an academy, please contact us here. 

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