Mrs Annie Wiles - Chief Executive Officer

Annie trained as a primary teacher in the 1980's and has since taught in a range of community and church schools in the
UK, Germany and Cyprus before settling in Kent. She has taught the full age range from 3-18 and TEFL. She was a
Headteacher for 10 years. During this time she became a Director of Shepway Teaching School, one of the first cohort
of Teaching Schools, with responsibility for leading Initial Teacher Training. She was also an LLE before being seconded
to the Diocese of Canterbury part-time during the final 18 months of Headship. Initially this was to oversee school
improvement for the 103 church schools across the Diocese but the role changed to become one of developing the
Multi Academy Trust. Annie was appointed as full-time CEO of the Trust in September 2015.
Ms Marian Scally - Finance & Business Director 

Marian was our first appointment and joined the trust in November 2014. Marian has over twenty years’ experience of
finance and business within education at both primary and secondary level. She was involved in the strategic
implementation of academy status in her previous role and was seconded to the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership as
Interim Business Director to help set up the infrastructure of their multi academy trust. Marian was a School Business
Manager Advocate for the National College for four years and supported schools and individuals across the
South East of England. She has spoken at national conferences and delivered training sessions in finance matters to
aspirant school leaders and business managers. She became a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in 2012
and continues to support individual leaders and schools in their business and financial needs,
particularly exploring different models of financial sustainability and staffing structures.
Mr Nicholas Morgan - Head of Governance and Estates

Nick Morgan joined us on 1st September 2017 as Head of Governance and Estates.  A familiar face to many members
of our Local Governing Bodies.  Nick was previously employed as a Schools Officer at the Diocese covering
Governance, Admissions, Policy and Services and prior to that as a Governor Support and Development Officer in
KCC. He comes with many years’ experience supporting Governing Bodies in understanding their roles and duties
and more recently in guiding Multi Academy Trusts to better understand their lines of  accountability.
Nick applied for the role because of his involvement in the early days of the Trust and recognising what opportunities
are available by being part of a MAT.  
Mrs Naomi Jackman - Finance & Business Manager
Naomi joined the trust in March 2016. Prior to working in education, she undertook various roles each supporting
finance in the private sector. She joined the Trust having developed significant experience over 8 years in a variety
of school settings. Just prior to joining the Trust team she was employed by Kennington CE Junior Academy
as a Bursar supporting their financial and business management. Her experience and skills in understanding
Academy finances at the front line, particularly during the transitional period of becoming a member of Aquila,
has added significant strength to the team. She now supports all of our Academies with a multitude of business and finance matters.           
Mrs Tracey Howard - Senior Administrator
Tracey joined the Trust in February 2017.   Tracey has had a career in administration and secretarial support
spanning more than 20 years and has worked in a variety of highly pressurised environments where outstanding
skills in organisation and time management have been essential in ensuring that deadlines and objectives are met.  
Prior to joining the trust she created and worked as the office manager for Shepway Teaching School Alliance for 5 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Mrs Lorraine Bondzie-Mensah - Trust Clerk

Lorraine was appointed to the Trust in May 2017 and provides a professional clerking service to a number of

Local Governing Bodies within the Trust.  Her role is to provide advice and support to Governors, ensuring
they are compliant with Ofsted, Education Funding Agency and Trust standards, expectations and requirements. 
Her 13 years’ experience working in support roles within schools ensures the clerking service provides succinct
and compliant agenda and meeting planning, document management including the distribution of all associated
papers and information sharing from the Trust Board to the Local Governing Body. 

Mrs Joanne Eyles - Finance Administrator

Jo has worked within finance and accounts over the past 15 years in the private sector. She has developed significant
experience within a school setting, being employed as School Business Manager at All Souls' CEP School since 2012.
Jo supports the school leadership team with overseeing, developing and implementing financial procedures and
business planning within the school. In 2016, and gained the Level 4 Certificate of School Business Management.
This developed her skills further in managing school resources more efficiently and effectively, evaluating the nature
of school business operations within the school and gaining specialist expertise in business support services. In addition
to her role as School Business Manager at All Souls’ CEP School, Jo is supporting the Aquila Trust one day a week with
the financial management with their schools.
Mr Chris Clarke - Education Psychologist
Details to follow
Mrs Sandra Morgan - HR Manager
Details to follow
Mrs Lorna Priddle - Advisor to the Board

As an Executive Headteacher in Kent, my ability to transform failing schools into higher performers is proven by results: from

Special measures to requires improvement with leadership graded as good in 16th months (Archbishop Courtenay C.E. Primary School)
from Notice to improve too good in two years (St Michaels C.E .Junior School) from cause for concern to outstanding in
4 years (St Michaels C.E. Infant School) In January 2014 my Infant school gained its third outstanding OFSTED in seven years.

I have achieved these results by having high expectations, mentoring and coaching staff to become good and outstanding classroom

practitioners, having a passion and vision for excellence in education and growing leaders to enable sustainability throughout
three schools that I led. For example four senior leaders in my schools have gone onto headships and head of school in Kent schools.

I have the ability to articulate my vision, to share with others and to assimilate different ideas in order to develop a sense of cohesion and direction.

As a National Leader of Education from 2008-2015, I collaborated with schools across Kent Sussex and Surrey to improve standards of achievement

and attainment. Classroom practitioners, Headteachers, and LA officers came to observe outstanding practice across my three schools
but especially Key Stage one. I was also commissioned by Kent through the National College to go and support schools to improve standards.
I supported leadership and management and teaching and learning in several schools over a period of 7 years. This required me to have a
high level of competence in interpreting data, the ability to hold challenging conversations with leaders in vulnerable schools, to conduct
work scrutiny and lesson observations and be able to change a culture in a school to one of positivity and success.

Additionally, I have met with the DFE to discuss how to raise standards across the country and met with a previous Secretary of State, Michael Gove,

regarding educational policy.

In 2012, I completed the Pacific Institute Investment in Excellence facilitator training programme. This was an initiative by Kent to deliver a world

class programme for coaching and mentoring leaders in education. I successfully completed the programme and was able to put this
into practice in training sessions across four schools in Kent.  

St Michael’s C.E. Schools Federation has been recognised nationally and internationally in a historic publication on the history of Parliament (2015).

This book has been distributed to all members of the United Nations, UK and overseas embassies and Members of Parliament.
This recognised the performance of the St Michaels C.E. Schools Federation and the role it played in leading by using the teachings of
hope, faith and charity.

St Michael’s was one of only 25 schools chosen to appear in this prestigious publication. It recognised excellence in education and the impact the

school’s ethos and culture had on the community. 

Profile 2015-present

As a School Improvement Partner for the Aquila Multi Academy Trust. I provide professional challenge and support for schools.

I act as a critical and professional friend to school, helping leadership teams to evaluate school performance, identify priorities for improvement

and plan for effective change.

In the summer 2018, a school I support (St Mary of Charity, Faversham) gained an outstanding in its OFSTED inspection. It had previously been

in serious weaknesses.

I also work for the Gravesend Multi Academy Trust working to improve teaching and learning in a large primary school. This culminated in a

successful OFSTED after a period of concern highlighted by the RSC.


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